Red Jeans Culture – What Happened?

One thing that the majority is conscious over is jeans Рbut red jeans? When the colour red comes in mind, there is a bit of confusion over accepting red as a wearable color. A lot of people in today’s trend prefer to wear jeans as an alternative to other clothing including skirts. It has so much diversity in types like boot cuts, skinny jeans, bell bottoms, apple bottoms and several others, but most of them are either black or blue.

red jeansRed jeans are gaining popularity again in the fashion industry. In the 80s they were very popular. In those days the red color was a fresh addition to denim jeans. They started appearing in commercials, TV programs and movies. People who had their teenage in the 80s may remember very well the popularity of red jeans and brown leather jackets.

Red Jeans Tradition

Somewhere in the 90s, we lost the red jeans tradition. This was mainly because the new faded jeans were gaining pace in the market. New techniques for fading and printing jean designs were invested in by manufacturers and plain red colours lost their attraction.

Recently however the red jeans culture hints at making a comeback. Levi’s, the leader in denim, started a new label called Denizen. Denizen’s recent collection includes a design that blends in the flash of faded jeans and the nostalgic charm of the red jean era. This has opened a new door to allowing red colours into the current fashion trends.

The return of the red color also means that the brown leather jacket and other popular tops that were used with red jeans can also be redesigned and marketed. A few New York outlets like Breakout have in fact attempted to make outfits that combine red jeans, brown jacket and 80s style boots. If such innovations prove to be successful, we might as well see the domination of red jeans again.

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